Art on T-shirts Are Beautiful

art on t shirts monarch butterflies t shirts

Carry mother nature with you with art on t shirts. Why? because art on t-shirts are beautiful.

Blissful, beautiful things that make us happy are create a simplicity with an art inspired t-shirt. The inspiration comes with the monarch butterly with this t-shirt. The butterfly has a short lifespan, but not on a Art infused apparel.

Use art on t-shirts and accessories to make you happy

Everytime you feel sad, just look down at your monarch butterlies, and you will forget about your saddest thoughts. Monarch butterflies evoke a passionate smile.

Why art on a simple t-shirt will dress it up


The color and design on your t-shirt of Monarch butterflies will evoke a look and feel of dressing up. The pictures of butterflies will draw positive attention. 

Why wear t-shirts anyway?

T-shirts, also known as tees are comfortable and cool. Add long sleeves and they feel warm when it is cold. 

The lasting design of nature

As long as you have your tee you will have nature right in front of you. Your painted butterflies will last as long as your tees last. 

Love butterflies and flowers tees
he t-shirts are the artwork of Lois Center-Shabazz

Valentines Day t-Shirt Artwork


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