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Art styles are wide and varied. The more art gets attention, the more the art styles are recognized by the masses. How does art get attention? Many artists have showings in galleries, museums purchase their art, or they sell their art at beach or park art shows directly from their art tent.

Some artists become well-known because a well-known collector picks up one or more of their pieces. The more an artist shows their art, the more recognition they get for their art styles. You can show your art in many ways.

The “big kahuna” is when a famous person buys an artist work and displays it at numerous private or public events. The more the artist pieces are shown the more popular the art styles become.



Realistic art includes portrait art of faces or whole bodies and landscape art with barns, homes or butterflies. 

Abstract art includes art that depicts feeling with brush movement or a variety of colors. Under contemporary art is included abstract art, pop art, and modern art.

Floral art includes pictures of flowers of many types. There are a wide variety of flowers, so floral art types can be endless. Landscape art can include floral art, trees, mountains and brush. Valentines Day Art

Pop art includes the art of the decade. It can include the most popular celebrities or current events of the day, try it on your t-shirt. 

Fantasy art includes just what it depicts, "a fantasy". Artwork of devils, angels, unreal figures, or different other types of figures.

Two color art with unusual brush strokes can be a subset of abstract art, but can also be used in pop art or realistic art. Three color art can do the same.

Impressionists can be described as using the same brush strokes to create images where you can faintly see the picture the artist is portraying, but it is there.

Contemporary or the Modern subtype of abstract usually mirrors a particular type of design or brush stroke sometimes depicting movement and feeling.

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Many famous artists are easy to identify when you see their art, because they consistently paint, draw or create in one art style. Banksy comes to mind when I think of one type of art. It is pretty easy to identify his art from his art styles.

There are some artist who have many art styles, I call them multiple talented artist. My favorite type of artist is one who can successfully create art in different genres. One who comes to mind is Gia Labidi - she does beautiful sculpture, gorgeous fabric wall hangings, and pop art portraits.



After creating art for a long time, most artist consistently produce the same "types" of artworks. What changes can be the style, or color combinations or size. There are many variations.

When I see a Rembrandt or a Picasso, I can tell immediately because of the style of brush strokes and colors. Some of the other more famous types of artists with famous art styles of the old masters are Henri Matisse, Vincent Van Gogh Andy Warhol, and Michelangelo.

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There are also artist in specific genres you can easily identify:

Modern - Abstract - contemporary, there is a lot of overlap, here are artist who fall in that category.

Artist in various categories include:

Jean-Michel Basquiat - Contemporary modern artist, abstract faces

Christopher Wool - Creates modern art paintings of words

Mark Bradford - modern abstraction, urban community - mixed media

Njideka Akunyili Crosby - Contemporary artist - paintings portray trans and multicultural fine arts depicting her Nigerian roots.

Takashi Murakami - Abstract paintings of faces - references colorful anime and manga cartoons - the Warhol of Japan

Cecily Brown - Contemporary artist. Known for large-scale modern art paintings of faces and bold brushwork

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Some artists become famous because their art styles are well liked. The modern art movement is very popular in young modern celebrity homes. Then there is abstract
art that denotes a feeling or a movement. Some of the artist I describe in this article are alive and some are not.

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Artist famous for their Art Styles:

African American Artist – African American: Various genres and materials - Alma Thomas(acrylic on canvas), Charles Henry Alston (oil on canvas), James Washington Jr.(Sculpture), Gwendolyn A. Magee (Fabric Art), Prince Demah (Oil on Canvas), Beauford Delaney (oil on canvas), Elba Lightfoot (Murals),
Lois Center-Shabazz (Acrylic on Canvas)

American Artist – Edward Hopper (painted realism), Man Ray (photography), Norman Rockwell (realistic paintings and magazine covers), Jackson Pollock (painting – abstract expressionism), Andy Warhol ( Pop Art), Shepard Fairey (street art – most famous for Barack Obama poster)

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Asian Artist - modern masters include Yasuo Kuniyoshi, Isamu Noguchi, Chiura Obata
Contemporary Asian artist include Kota Ezawa, Yayoi Kusama, Maya Lin, Roger Shimomura, Jean Shin

Hispanic Artist – Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, Fernando Botero, Rufino Tamayo, Lygia Pepe, Jesu~s Rafael Soto

Above are just a few artists and their art styles. They range in artist who are no longer alive to current artist who have a variety of art styles. There are literally millions of artists and probably hundreds of thousands of art styles. Some of the art styles probably have not yet been identified.

The reason I displayed the different ethnicities of artist is for awareness and appreciation of all types of artists. Most of the artists we see in large galleries are the old masters of Europe and some Americans. I run into some people who have no clue that there are many different ethnicities of artist – and some are artist themselves.

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Lois Center-Shabazz
Acrylic Artist and Art Lover

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